Pay as you go legal advice

Truth Legal offers advice for £125 – £135 (plus VAT) per hour. Frequently people encounter small disputes which could be solved by a solicitor.

You can either instruct us to help you to pursue your own matter, or instruct us to represent you from start to finish. It’s up to you. You control what we do and how much you pay.

All too often people are put off instructing a solicitor by the high fees. Many disputes can be settled by way of a letter or phone call from a solicitor.

We believe that individuals who find themselves up against big companies or organisations with expensive solicitors at their beck and call, should also have access to solicitors.

Solicitors are trained problem-solvers and expert negotiators. Solicitors can help you to identify the main issues in a dispute. If you have tried sorting out a dispute yourself without success, a focussed, professional letter from a solicitor may solve the problem.

Although £125 – £135 plus VAT per hour is a lot of money, if you shop around, you will find that this is a low rate for a solicitor. Some London-based solicitors charge £450 per hour plus VAT.

At Truth Legal because of our low fees we can offer access to solicitors at reasonable rates. We do not surprise our clients with unaffordable bills. We agree our work with you in advance.

Our logic is if you are happy with our services and find our bills reasonable, then you will tell your friends and family. Personal recommendations are the best sort of recommendation.

We offer a free, no obligation and confidential consultation with a solicitor. Please contact us to arrange your consultation.

Please note: the £125 – £135 plus VAT per hour advice does not apply where we can offer you a No Win, No Fee agreement such as in personal injury claims.