We are pleased to announce that we are now offering free employment law advice for up to 15 minutes.

This new process is designed to be the initial step before clients need to book a consultation with us. The 15 minutes free advice is available to both personal and business clients looking for expert employment advice where we will endeavour to help as much as possible, continuing our Truth Legal ethics of providing honest, free legal advice to those that need access to one of Yorkshire’s leading employment law teams.

Call Truth Legal today on 01423 788 538

Navya Shekhar

When you call us for employment law advice, one of our employment experts will be able to discuss your matter with no obligation to proceed further. Whether it’s an employment dispute between an employee and employer, or if you need advice on settlement agreements or discrimination, our employment team has vast experience dealing with a wide range of complex employment matters and we can advise within the initial 15 minute phone call what your next steps should be. Rest assured that we’re here to help you at all times, no matter how small or large your case may be.

If we feel that 15 minutes advice isn’t long enough to explain in detail what we recommend, or if you require us to look through any documentation, we would encourage you to book a 2-hour in-depth consultation with one of our employment experts. In that consultation, we will be able to review your documentation and meet with you in person to provide detailed next steps for making your employment law claim.

Of course, in all instances it is important to us that we are able to offer an initial free 15 minutes of advice to be able to help provide some clarity and advise on what you should do next. Please do call us for your free 15 minutes employment advice and a friendly and experienced member of our employment law team will be able to help. Click here to send us an enquiry or call 01423 788 538 today.

Our Employment Law Team