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Young mother saved from homelessness

On an evening in June, Truth Legal received a phone call from the relative of a young mother who was facing eviction from her Housing Association flat at 11am the following day. Following a series of errors by benefits agencies she was forced into rent arrears. The young mother had [...]

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The law as seen by a non-lawyer

Written by Robert Darlington, Assistant at Truth Legal Like most people, I have not had formal legal training. I have never needed it as I don't handle cases or deal with clients, unlike in some firms where para-legals who are no more qualified than I am handle hundreds of cases [...]

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What to expect at a personal injury medical appointment and from a medical report

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim and either the other side have admitted fault or your solicitor is confident that your claim will succeed, then it’s likely that you could be asked by your solicitor to go be examined by a medical expert. The medical expert’s job is to [...]

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