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What do solicitors do?

Frequently I attend new client meetings, either in connection with a personal injury or workplace dispute, I ask my new client whether he/she understands what it is that a solicitor does. The answers vary. Most people’s experience of solicitors comes from buying a house – when it can be unclear [...]

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Bicycles, roads and accidents

Last Sunday, for the first time, my family and me went out on our bikes. My daughter, 3, was on her balance bike; my wife on her inexpensive (sorry darling) Christmas present bike; and my son, 15 months, on the back of my 16-year old Raleigh mountain bike. We cycled [...]

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Near-miss road traffic accident in Harrogate

I feel compelled to pen this blog post following a road traffic accident which I narrowly avoided in Harrogate today. Here’s what happened: At around 8.50am this Monday morning I was driving my car slowly down Queen’s Parade, Harrogate, from the Stray towards the old, empty police station, with my [...]

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