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Client tells his story

Below is a post from a cycling forum by one of our clients sharing his experience of instructing Truth Legal: At about 7.30am on a Friday in April I woke up in the middle of Roundhay Road (A four lane radial in Leeds). My first memory is only visual. I [...]

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What is a manual handling accident?

The Manual Handling Operation Regulations 1992 are designed to protect employees from injuries at work caused by manual handling. There are many potential hazards in the workplace that can give rise to a manual handling claim, including: Lifting objects that are too heavy Repetitive lifting Inadequate training Inadequate lifting equipment [...]

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What Is Disability Discrimination?

The Equality Act 2010 provides disabled people with protection from discrimination. The following types of disability discrimination are prohibited: direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, discrimination arising from a disability, disability harassment and victimisation in the work place. Am I disabled? Many people suffering from long-standing medical complaints which are affecting their [...]

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