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What Is A Fair Reason To Sack Someone?

According to English employment law there are only five potentially fair reasons for sacking (dismissing) an employee. They are: Conduct (i.e. misconduct, bad behaviour) Capability (i.e. poor performance or incapacity due to ill-health) Redundancy (this has a specific meaning in the law) Illegality (i.e. it would be unlawful to [...]

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What is freedom of choice of solicitor?

Under the regulation 6 of The Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) Regulations 1990 (see a person with a legal expenses insurance should, in theory, be able to instruct the lawyer of their choice. But insurers commonly try to restrict the lawyer that can be used, referring their policyholder to a [...]

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What is Gross Misconduct?

Gross misconduct is behaviour by an employee which is so poor, so disgraceful, that the employer cannot be expected to employ him or her any more. The behaviour must be a fundamental breach of the employment contract (the contract can be written or oral). This means a breach of contract [...]

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