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What Is Unlawful Discrimination And How Do I Know If I’ve Been Discriminated Against?

**This article was updated in February 2019** You probably have an idea of what discrimination looks like; sexism, ageism, racism, these are all high-profile forms of discrimination. Many well-known problems in the modern workplace stem from discrimination – for example sex discrimination is at the heart of such issues as [...]

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Frequently asked questions about settlement agreements: Your questions answered

Termination agreements, compromise agreements, gagging clauses, mutually agreed resignation, ex gratia payments, golden goodbyes… these are just some of the terms that are used to describe these contracts which stop employees bringing claims against employers. The proper term is “settlement agreement”. The purpose of a settlement agreement is for an [...]

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Truth Legal, Solicitors – New Appointment!

One of Harrogate’s fastest growing law firms, Truth Legal, has appointed trainee solicitor, Laura Morgan, to join its Harrogate office. Laura, who has had four years of paralegal experience, is commuting to Harrogate from Goole every day in order to complete her solicitor training. Andrew Gray, founder of Truth Legal, [...]

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