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Making A Claim For Personal Injury Caused by A Defective Product

Whenever people start talking about making a claim for injury caused by a defective product (or a ‘faulty goods claim’ as they are often more commonly known) the writer’s mind, for some obscure reason, always turns to the scenario of a faulty clothes iron setting on fire and burning the [...]

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8 Steps to Choosing The Right Solicitor (Updated from 7 Steps!)

**updated article - April 2018** So, you’re looking for a solicitor to represent you. There can be all sorts of reasons why you might want to engage the services of a solicitor: perhaps you have suffered a personal injury from: an accident at work a road traffic accident clinical negligence [...]

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Is Your Personal Injury Case Getting The Attention It Deserves? The Dangers of Using a ‘Claims Factory’

It is probably fair to say that most people’s impression of the personal injury market is formed by brash adverts, nuisance calls, spam text messages, and by the idea of the ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawyer – forcing his card into the hands of an accident victim as they lie waiting for medical [...]

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Skating On Thin Ice – The Employer’s Responsibility to It’s Employees

At this time of year with the risk of snow and ice there is a corresponding increase in the risk of slips and falls causing injury. This article looks at the legal position regarding the employer’s liability to pay compensation to its employees who have fallen during the course of [...]

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Protected Conversations – Are You Protected?

**updated April 2018** Ending a contract of employment can be something of a legal minefield, particularly if you are an employer dismissing one of your employees. But whether you are an employer or an employee, you may at some point find yourself in negotiations over how a contract should be [...]

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