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Rumours of Redundancy: What Should I Do?

Being at work whilst rumours of redundancy are going around can be a negative experience. Naturally, everyone begins to worry about their livelihood and their future. Whilst it may be tempting to stick your head in the sand, being aware of the law around redundancy can help to prepare you [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Making A Claim For Clinical Negligence When the NHS Gets It Wrong

The NHS is a highly emotive topic of conversation these days and a political ‘hot potato’. Hugely underfunded or hugely mismanaged? People’s views on this tend to be swayed by their political persuasion, although what is surely clear to everyone, regardless of politics, is that the Health Service is in [...]

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Legal Problem? Why You Should Instruct a Solicitor

You might think that instructing a solicitor is almost a given when encountering a legal problem. In the same way that you go to your GP if you feel ill, if you run into legal difficulty, you go to see your solicitor. But does this traditional view reflect reality? Not [...]

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