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5 Common Errors Made By Personal Injury Clients

From my many years representing injured people, I have compiled this list of typical errors which are often made by personal injury clients. I very much hope that they don’t apply to you! I am so very privileged to work as a personal injury solicitor. Helping people to recover from [...]

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Should I Accept a Pre-Medical Settlement Offer?

So, you’ve received an offer to settle your personal injury claim. And yet you haven’t been to any medical examinations. You have received what’s called a ‘pre-medical offer’. In many ways, this is good news. After all, it is an offer to settle your claim from the people you are [...]

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Does Where You Work Increase Your Chance of a Workplace Injury?

By their very nature, workplace accidents can’t be predicted or in most cases 100% prevented, but there are certainly industries where they are more common and we have statistics to back that up. There are two main sources used to gather data on workplace injuries in the UK: self-reports from [...]

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Help! I’ve Been Fired – 14 Things You Should Do Next (Includes Video, Podcast & Infographic)

**This article was updated in November 2019 - we have now included a free video with expert advice from Andrew Gray + a podcast and infographic to help provide detailed advice on what you should do next after being dismissed from work** Being fired or sacked can feel like the [...]

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Fighting The Fake Holiday Sickness Epidemic

The peak summer holiday season is approaching and the spurious nature of holiday sickness claims is about to hit home again for tour operators all over Europe. The craze in bogus claims is now so popular that many top resorts are seeing unscrupulous reps touting for business and coaching holidaymakers [...]

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