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Why has my employer offered me a settlement agreement?

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding contract that can be used to bring an employment dispute between an employer and an employee to an end without an Employment Tribunal decision. As an employee, there are a number of advantages to accepting a Settlement Agreement. However, you might be wondering [...]

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Should the BBC lead the way in equal pay?

A matter of weeks after the news was full of reports of massive inequality in pay between the highest paid male and female ‘talent’, the BBC has announced a series of wide ranging pay reviews. These will include a report on the gender pay gap among staff, a separate audit [...]

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Direct discrimination claims – a step in the right direction?

We’re cautiously optimistic that a recent decision by the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT), in Efobi v Royal Mail Ltd, will make it a little easier for claimants arguing that they have been the victim of direct discrimination. This is down to a subtly but important shift in the burden of [...]

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I’m going to have a bouncy castle at my child’s party…How can I protect myself if an accident happens?

Hiring a bouncy castle for your child’s birthday party is seen by most people as a very special treat.  As specialists in personal injury law, we, on the other hand, see an accident waiting to happen! Fun lot, aren’t we! We understand though, that there’s a middle road.  This article [...]

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Whiplash compensation – dispelling the myths

If someone mentions ‘whiplash’ what comes to mind? Following recent news stories sensationalising a ‘compensation culture’ in the UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking that whiplash was something trivial – something you said you had following even a minor bump in the car – a sure-fire route to compensation. The [...]

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Has your work damaged your hearing? Noise-Induced Hearing Loss claims

None of us go to work expecting to be injured – but, just as many of those workers who were exposed to asbestos at work are now suffering dreadful health consequences, often years later, other workers who were exposed to high levels of noise at work may find that they [...]

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Making ‘reasonable adjustments’ – your employer’s duty if you’re living with a disability

Life can be tough if you are living with a disability, whether it’s a lifelong condition or something that has developed following an accident or with illness. It’s often about making changes, adapting, adjusting at home – and even with support, this can be exhausting. In the workplace, though, you [...]

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My Child Was Injured on a Bouncy Castle at a Birthday Party…What Can I Do?

As specialists in personal injury law, we can sometimes be party poopers! Dealing everyday with the injuries and accidents that happen, at even the happiest of events, means that we have to make a conscious effort not to be helicopter parents!  Our children see a bouncy castle at a party [...]

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