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Scrapped Employment Tribunal Fees – the latest!

A few weeks ago, we were delighted to bring you news that the Employment Tribunal fees regime had been scrapped . Not just scrapped – declared unlawful by the Supreme Court following a legal challenge by Unison. It was a great day for anyone concerned about access to justice. The fees [...]

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How CBT Can Help After A Road Traffic Accident

This month, we are pleased to introduce guest author Marie Scott who is a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. She gives us her view on how CBT can help after a road traffic accident. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is becoming increasingly recognised as a psychotherapeutic intervention for a number of mental [...]

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Can I Make A Claim For Medical Negligence Against The NHS?

Not a day goes by without the NHS being in the headlines. Stories of medical negligence are never far from our news, but what if it happens to you? Mistakes happen in every profession but when a medical expert makes a mistake, it can be devastatingly life-changing, as well as [...]

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Accident At Work Examples: Which Claim Do You Have?

The place in which you are employed is of course likely to dictate what kind of accident at work you are at risk of, but national statistics do show that there are certain types of accidents that can happen in several different kinds of work environments, and these therefore, are [...]

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Settlement Agreements – what employees need to know

Picture the scene: You’re in dispute with your employer (or your former employer). Whatever the issues between you – whether you’ve been subject to unlawful discrimination or dismissed without a hearing - an Employment Tribunal is looming. Just as you’re gearing up for the fight, your employer makes a proposal [...]

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