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Care Home Fined Following Death of Pensioner

In August 2012, a pensioner, aged 88, who was living in a care home in Flintshire, died from burns when her care workers accidentally lowered the pensioner into a scalding-hot bath using a hoist. The care home was run by a private company. It transpired that the mixing valves for [...]

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Recovering From An Assault At Work

Our guest author, Marie Scott, advises on how to recover from an assault at work. Number of employees assaulted at work According to the latest available Crime Survey of England and Wales, that for 2015/16, there were 329,000 reported physical assaults at work that year. This equated to 1.5% of [...]

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Failures in Care Home Medication Management Lead to Unsafe Care

Serious and repeated failures in the management of medicines resulted in the Care Quality Commission (CQC) bringing a prosecution against a Shropshire Care Home after the death of resident Dennis Wootton in April 2015. Shortly before his death, Mr Wootton had been discharged from hospital where he had been prescribed [...]

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Tribunal Fees Refund Scheme Is Now Open To All

After a successful ‘first phase’, the scheme to refund unlawful Employment Tribunal fees are now open to everyone. We made no secret of the fact that here at Truth Legal , we were delighted of the Supreme Court’s decision back in the summer that the Employment Tribunal fees were unlawful . The [...]

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Am I Self-Employed – Or a ‘Worker’ in Disguise? 8 Questions to Ask

There’s been a lot in the news recently about ‘employment status’ and whether people are ‘self-employed’ or ‘workers’, so much so that you might be starting to wonder if any of this applies to you. Here’s our guide to working out whether you are an employee, a worker or self-employed. [...]

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Why Protocol Matters: What Is The Clinical Negligence Protocol?

An injured Claimant bringing a medical negligence claim must adhere to the “Pre-Action Protocol for the Resolution of Clinical Disputes”. The Protocol encourage early exchange of information and the primary goal is to avoid litigation, if at all possible. The Protocol is regarded as a fair and transparent process allowing [...]

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On The Side Of Angels: Truth Legal Interview From Solicitor’s Journal

Two months ago, Truth Legal’s Andrew Gray spoke to Solicitor's Journal editor John van der Luit-Drummond about the ease of setting up his own ‘ethical’ law firm, ‘apartheid Britain’, and the challenges of management. Here is the interview in full, reprinted from the Solicitor's Journal website which has now, sadly, closed [...]

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NHS Medical Director Attacks “Significant Safety Problems”

Sir Bruce Keogh, who has been the NHS Medical Director since 2007, has launched a stinging criticism on the organisation which he leads, in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph. Clinical negligence solicitors around the country, like us, will be unsurprised by Sir Bruce’s recommendations. Patients put at risk [...]

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Care Home Fined £100,000 Following the Death of 100-year old Resident

In August 2010 a 100-year old resident of a care home, who was suffering with dementia, was being moved by two inexperienced carers using a hoist, when the pensioner fell out of the hoist, suffering multiple fatal injuries. The care workers had not been properly trained in how to use [...]

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Why It Is Morally Right To Bring A Personal Injury Claim (Harrogate Living Magazine)

This article was originally published in the Harrogate Living Magazine, a popular local publication.  In the vast majority of cases when someone has sustained an injury due to someone else’s breach of the law, it is morally right to pursue a personal injury claim. As a personal injury solicitor working [...]

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