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Harrogate at Christmas: The Countdown Is On!

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts getting that festive feeling and everything is covered in tinsel and glitter. This year Truth Legal has joined in with the festivities: we have decorated our windows for the “Harrogate at Christmas” competition. Surely, we were the first of the Harrogate [...]

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Failing Care Home Kept Resident in Bed for One Year

Another very poor care home has closed. Following a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection, which put the care home, Doddington Lodge, into special measures, the home has now closed. A recent CQC report found that the care home was inadequate in four out of five areas. One particular finding in [...]

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Half of Community-based Nursing Staff Suffer from Abuse

A recent survey conducted by the Royal College of Nursing has found that around 48% of the nurses surveyed had suffered some form of abuse in the two preceding years. 1300 nurses, who work in the community, were the subject of the survey. 11% of the nurses surveyed claimed that [...]

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Theresa May’s Mental Health Commitment

When the Prime Minister, Theresa May, came to power, amongst other things, she committed to upgrading the country's mental health provisions.  In January 2017, she asked Lord Dennis Stevenson, a long-time campaigner for greater understanding of mental-health matters, and Paul Farmer, the CEO of Mind, to prepare a mental health [...]

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BBC Investigation Reveals Increase in Assaults at Work by Patients

A brilliant and most timely BBC investigation into the risk to staff working at Mental Health Trusts has revealed an increase of violence by patients upon staff. In a similar fashion as to how we at Truth Legal made Freedom of Information requests into the prevalence of violence at work, the [...]

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Work-Related Stress and What You Can Do About It

We are pleased to welcome back guest author Marie Scott who is a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. She gives us her view on how to manage work-related stress. There are very few jobs in which you won’t experience a certain amount of stress at some point or other; to a [...]

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What is ‘Smith and Manchester’ Compensation in a Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence Claim?

Updated May 2018: Your income can often be affected when you have suffered a personal injury. Many different kinds of injury can force you to take time off work, reducing your earnings or even cutting them off altogether. This kind of loss is usually referred to as ‘loss of earnings’. [...]

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How to Advise on Settlement Agreements

Andrew Gray offers some tips on best practice for solicitors acting for both employers and employees Creativity is not something which is normally associated with us solicitors, but I encourage all those who are advising on settlement agreements – either for employers or for employees – to think tangentially. Doing [...]

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