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Personal Injury Medical Examinations – What Are They For and What Should I Expect?

  If you are pursuing a personal injury claim, such as an Accident at Work claim, obtaining medical evidence is a critical step of the process. Unless your injuries are very minor, it’s likely this step will involve being examined by a medical expert. The medical expert’s job is to act as [...]

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Asbestos Related Disease Compensation Claims

At Truth Legal we have a specialist team of asbestos disease compensation solicitors. Asbestos related disease compensation needs to be dealt with by specialists, as most High Street lawyers (who are very good at many things) will not have enough experience of dealing with these complex cases. Most people know [...]

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‘It’s Only a Bit of Banter Isn’t It?’ Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Workplace

**Updated November 2018** It may just be because we work in the legal profession and therefore tend to keep abreast of the legal news more readily than non-lawyers will, but there does appear to have been an alarming number of news stories appearing about sexual assault/harassment cases taking place at [...]

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Widespread Redundancies As Meat Supplier Goes Into Administration

Almost 300 jobs will be lost at a Derby-based meat wholesaler Russell Hume, after a Food Standards Agency (FSA) investigation led to the company entering administration. Russell Hume have an outlet in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. The shock announcement was received by staff last week after production was halted following a [...]

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How Are Personal Injury Claims Actually Valued?

Compensation is intended to put you back into the same position you were in before the accident – as though your injury never happened. As a concept, it’s easy to grasp, but it’s something which is much more difficult to put into practice. It essentially comes down to two questions: [...]

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Truth Legal Press Coverage – February 2018

We recently distributed a press release announcing that Andrew Gray of Truth Legal Solicitors is the new Harrogate and District Law Society President. The piece has been featured on The Business Desk, Yorkshire Business Daily, Yorkshire Insider Media, Business Up North and the Harrogate Advertiser. This is a prestigious new [...]

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Andrew Gray Announced As New Law Society President

At the recent AGM of the Harrogate and District Law Society, the presidency passed from Kate Maybury of Raworths Solicitors to Andrew Gray of Truth Legal solicitors. In her farewell speech, Kate Maybury reflected on what had been a very successful year as President. Kate said: “I would just like [...]

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NHS Trust Employs Bouncers to Protect Medical Staff from Assaults at Work

Statistics show that in just one area of Lancashire and Cumbria, the number of hospital staff assaulted at work reached almost 400 in one year. The problem is so great that the Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust has taken drastic action to protect its staff – and recruited bouncers to try [...]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Solicitor For Your Criminal Injuries Claim

If you have been injured in a crime of violence, perhaps assaulted at work or attacked in a nightclub, for example, you can often make a criminal injuries compensation claim. This can be alongside any criminal prosecution of your attacker of course. To claim compensation, you have to submit a [...]

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