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Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Cleared of Negligence After Patient Claims Botched Surgery Caused Her Nose to Collapse

A student who was dissatisfied with the results of a nose job after asking for an “ideal” nose with “perfect symmetry” lost her claim for negligence against top Harley Street plastic surgeon Shailesh Vadodaria. Mijin Zahir underwent the cosmetic nasal surgery in July 2010 but, she said that she was [...]

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Am I Redundant and What Are My Rights?

*Updated February 2018* Being told by your employer that you are now redundant can be a shock. The first questions to go through your mind may be: “How am I going to pay the mortgage?” or “How will I support my family?” Such worries are natural, but positive outcomes [...]

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What a Claimant or Witness Should Put in Their Witness Statement

At a certain stage in an issued claim – for example, a personal injury, industrial disease, clinical negligence, professional negligence, employment etc - there will come a point where the Claimant and Defendant exchange witness statements. Usually the exchange of witness statements will happen at the same time. The Court [...]

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More and More Mental Health Workers Suffering Assaults at Work

Following a Freedom of Information request, incorporating almost two thirds of mental health trusts in the UK, it was shown that the number of assaults on staff had risen from 33,620 in 2012-13, to 42,692 in 2016. The current figure is 25% higher than it was 4 years ago. An [...]

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Care Home Prosecuted After Elderly Resident is Seriously Injured in Fire

Care home negligence isn’t just about the individual treatment of residents. A south London care home has been prosecuted by London Fire Brigade for breaking fire safety rules after a serious blaze at the home left several people injured and one resident in hospital on a life support machine. The [...]

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