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Resident Suffers Serious Burns Due To Care Home Negligence

In a recent case highlighting care home negligence, the registered providers of a South London care home have been prosecuted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for failing to provide safe care and treatment after a 79-year-old resident suffered serious burns as a result of falling against an uncovered radiator [...]

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Can I Claim For Care After a Personal Injury Accident?

It is very common for someone injured in an accident to have some degree of incapacity afterwards. A simple sprained ankle might mean that you are unable to get around as easily as before, perhaps forcing you to rest your leg until it gets better. A slight injury to your [...]

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Harrogate News Round-Up – February 2018

Harrogate Driving Offences A Bradford man was banned from driving for six months after he was caught travelling through red lights at a level crossing in Harrogate. The man pleaded guilty to the driving offence at Harrogate Magistrates’ Court, and in addition to the ban was fined £415 plus costs [...]

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Woman Left Disfigured After Negligent Cosmetic Filler Injection

  With celebrities making the trend for a fuller face more popular than ever, dermal filler injections have become a widespread non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, a lack of regulation means that many of these injections are carried out improperly, resulting in serious medical complications and a large number of compensation [...]

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Liposuction Patient Wins Compensation After Botched Cosmetic Surgery

A celebrity make-up artist, Tracie Giles, who suffered severe complications and disfigurement after liposuction surgery sued for negligence and won compensation after she alleged the surgeon had removed too much fat from her thighs. Tracie Giles claimed that Dr Alexandra Chambers removed almost seven litres of fat during a "grossly [...]

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How Many Road Traffic Accidents Happen In The UK? (Infographic)

At the end of 2017 the UK Government published transport statistics in Great Britain showing road traffic accident statistics from 2016 for fatalities and injuries, whilst also highlighting the most common causes of road traffic accidents, which include tiredness and being distracted. We have put together this useful infographic showing [...]

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Andrew Gray of Truth Legal Featured in The Harrogate Advertiser

A couple of weeks ago we arranged an interview with the Harrogate Advertiser for our founder, Andrew Gray. The interview was intended to highlight Andrew's path to law, discussing the time he was assaulted and his decision to set up an ethical, honest law firm. The feature also gave people [...]

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Reflections on Working as a Harrogate Solicitor

It was a real pleasure – and a surprise – to be asked to speak at St Peter’s Church in Harrogate on 1 March 2018 as part of the “Weekday Reflections”. Reverend Tim Hurren, Associate Vicar at St Peter’s and co-trustee of the Harrogate Hub with me, invited me to speak. [...]

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