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Curious Conversations – The Power of Personal Coaching

As an advocate for their clients, lawyers must develop a wide range of skills, over and above an expert knowledge of their legal field. These "soft", often intangible, skills include the ability to tease out a client’s true goals and motives, to understand the context of their circumstances, explain all [...]

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Can Working Reduced Hours Due To A Disibility, Resulting In A Reduced Pension, Be Discriminatory?

In this blog post, guest author Chelsea Brooke-Harrison Ward looks at a recent disability discrimination case. Can working reduced hours, resulting in a reduced pension, due to a disability, be discriminatory for the purposes of s.15 of the Equality Act 2010 (“EA”)? No! said the Supreme Court in the case [...]

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Car Accidents in Florida (US Law)

This sponsored guest article has been written by Michael Davis and is intended for our US audience The state of Florida has a population of 21.3 million people and over 17 million are licensed drivers. With all those drivers, are Florida roads more dangerous than other states? And which counties [...]

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Harrogate News: January 2019 Round Up

Law society president stands down The Presidency of the Harrogate & District Law Society changed hands in January when Andrew Gray, founder of Harrogate law firm Truth Legal, handed the presidency to Stephen Hopwood of McCormicks Solicitors. The society has been in existence since 1918 and has over 100 members [...]

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Drug Possession by Minors: How Can a Criminal Attorney Help (US Law)

This sponsored guest article has been written by Liz S Coyle from JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law. This article is intended for our US audience. Drug possession is considered a criminal offence regardless of the person's age or the fact if they were using the drugs or just possessed them for [...]

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Thinking of Pulling a Sickie? Think Again!

Can an exaggerating claim of ill health amount to gross misconduct for a fair reason to dismiss? Yes, said the Employment Appeal Tribunal. In the case of Ajaj v Metroline West Limited UKEAT/0295/15/RN the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) have stated that when an employee pulls a ‘sickie’ this can amount to [...]

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