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In the News – Assault at Work – April 2019

Shopworker protections in Offensive Weapons Bill abandoned In our last edition of ‘In the News’ on assaults at work, I detailed how amendments were being tabled to a new Bill passing through the House of Lords. The Offensive Weapons Bill is set to add stricter regulation of the sale of [...]

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Why Non-EU Un-Married Partners Should Get a Residence Card. Now! (…or Get Married)

The new EU Settlement Scheme will provide a ‘straightforward and user-friendly means for resident EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members to remain here permanently’, according to Caroline Nokes, Minister for Immigration. Unless, it seems, you are a non-EU unmarried partner of an EU citizen (or ‘durable partner’, in [...]

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In the News – Medical Negligence – April 2019

Is the danger of vaginal mesh implants being downplayed? For a number of years, vaginal mesh implants have been closely linked to severe health complications. Many patients fitted with them have reported extreme pain and suffered life-changing injuries. This led to their use being suspended in July 2018 in all [...]

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Case: Quantrell v TWA Logistics [2016] EWCA Civ 399

The recent case of Quantrell v TWA Logistics [2016] has stressed that following health and safety guidelines is as important for the employee as it is for the employer. Background The recognition of an employee’s right to claim for personal injury loss in the workplace has been a fairly recent [...]

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Disinheriting Spouses, Civil Partners And Children In Scotland And England

Whilst many people understand that Scotland and England have different legal systems, very few know what the differences between the two actually are. Jones Whyte Law an Edinburgh based family law firm has investigated the significant, yet lesser known, difference between Scots and English law. The two jurisdictions that regulate [...]

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6 reasons why lawyers should work at a larger law firm

 I'm Andrew Gray, owner of Truth Legal and Truth Recruit. Truth Legal is probably the only regulated recruitment practice in the UK. Here are 6 reasons why lawyers should always consider working for a larger law firm, particularly in the earlier stage of their career. A lot of lawyers [...]

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