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Can a GP surgery be liable for the full extent of injuries following a late referral?

Case: Wright v Cambridge Medical Group (A Partnership) [2013] QB 312 Facts In 1998, the claimant, an 11-month-old child, contracted chickenpox. On 9th April, she was admitted to hospital with a high temperature, and developed a bacterial super-infection within a couple of days. However, this infection was not diagnosed by [...]

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Fatal Accidents and Psychiatric Injury: Is there Compensation for Survivors’ Guilt? 

Student lawyer Joanna Garvey-Smith assesses how the law categorises victims in the case of Hunter v British Coal Corp [1999] Q.B. 140; [1998] 2 WLUK 195 (CA (Civ Div)) and asks “If an employee is killed in a workplace accident, can a colleague seek compensation for psychiatric injury?” Background Hunter [...]

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Worrying Signs: Polish People Are Not Registering Under the EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme has been open to the public since 29 March 2019 yet Polish people have been particularly slow to register.  Here, I consider why this is and why this could become a problem. Recent figures show that over 1 million individuals have applied to register on the [...]

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Touching Real Places Within Pages of Fiction With Malcom Hollingdrake

We are delighted to feature Harrogate author, Malcolm Hollingdrake on our Truth Legal blog. We recently recorded a podcast with Malcolm which you can listen to here. As local Harrogate residents ourselves, we love this take on our spa town from Malcolm. Malcolm writes: I left a body in a [...]

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Can a driver be found negligent if they hit a drunken pedestrian?

Stewart v Glaze [2009] EWHC 704 (QB) The facts of the case The claimant in the case, Mr Stewart, was struck by a car in the early hours of Saturday 25th September 2004, driven by the defendant in this case, Mr Glaze. The result of the road traffic accident was [...]

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Are doctors/midwifes in breach of duty if decision making causes injury and/or loss?

In this blog the case: JC v Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation [2016] EWHC 1334 (QB) is explored. Facts: The claimant, M, brought a medical negligence claim due to the injuries sustained by her son, J, during childbirth. J’s injuries resulted in cerebral palsy and M had to have an emergency [...]

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Why Being Honest & Ethical Has Made Us 5 Star Rated

You probably know by now that our ethos is built upon an honest and ethical approach to law. It has been like this since day one, when I founded Truth Legal 7 years ago. We always wanted to do things differently and as our service offering continues to grow, then [...]

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Harrogate News: July Round-Up

Residents’ imprisonment fear over cycling road race September will bring the UCI Championships to Harrogate for nine days, but organisers of the world’s biggest cycling event are working with residents to allay fears over road closures and upheaval to school opening hours and general life in the town. The changing [...]

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