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The Prorogation of Parliament: A Question of Access To Justice?

Like many nerdy lawyers (and I am one of the nerdiest of the nerdy!), when, really, I should’ve been working, these last few days I could not help but to be glued to the news. Until very recently, who would’ve thought that matters of constitutional law would become so sexy, [...]

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Your Right To Time Off To Care For Dependants

Life can produce many unexpected and concerning situations involving our loved ones. Children get chicken pox, fall off climbing frames, or sadly, may have a long-term health condition. Ageing parents likewise might become ill or have an accident. But what happens when you need to go to work at a [...]

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My Views On Changing Britain & Access To Justice

As the founder of Truth Legal over seven years ago, I have come face-to-face with many sides of society. And whilst it is easy to get bogged down in Brexit and the state of British politics in general, the most common complaint I hear about society from people, is that [...]

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Press Release: Fledgling Trade Union Turns to Truth Legal for Legal Support ‘at Time of Immense Challenges’

Press Release - Issued September 2019 ONE of the UK’s newest trade unions has turned to a Yorkshire-based firm of ethical solicitors to provide itself and its growing membership with legal support. The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU), which has already expanded into over 500 members since forming in 2016 [...]

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Minor Accidents at Work: Can you Claim for Tripping over a Stool?

Student lawyer Joanna Garvey-Smith assesses if the misplacement of a stool could breach workplace health and safety regulations in the case of Robinson v Midland Bank Plc [2000] 10 WLUK 748 and asks “If an employee is hurt in a seemingly trivial workplace accident such as tripping over a stool, are [...]

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Divorce Over the Internet. What to Know?

This article is intended for our US audience and is a collaborative post authored by Awais Ahmed, a divorce law expert. The Internet plays an enormous role in nowadays love stories. Internet tools connect hearts (these days, about 40% of US couples first meet online), and just as easily help [...]

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