About us

As a client of Truth Legal, we promise you that:

  1. Your case will always be appraised and reviewed by a solicitor, or qualified Legal Executive.
  2. We will work to get to know you, so that we can represent you more effectively.
  3. We will use both traditional and modern methods of communication, such as text, email, Skype and Facetime.
  4. We will make ourselves available outside of office hours.
  5. You will have as much control as possible over how your case is conducted.
  6. We select our cases carefully: your case will never be at the bottom of a pile.
  7. We have access to specialist barristers, and will use them where appropriate in your case.
  8. We will seek, wherever appropriate, an apology for you from the wrongdoer.
  9. We will not rush you into a settlement.
  10. Our team work collaboratively on your cases to ensure that every angle of the case has been considered.
  11. We will do what we can to meet you in person, either at our head office in Harrogate, or at our unmanned offices in York, Manchester or London.

If as a client you do not think that we have maintained these promises, please contact me personally and I will look into the matter.

About us

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