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I am a professional and very personal Harrogate based freelance Polish-English English-Polish interpreter with over 9 years of experience in medical and legal interpreting. My aim is to enable an uninterrupted flow of communication. In my presence both parties can communicate as if the language barrier didn’t exist, allowing the client to say what they want to say, not what they are able to say. I successfully prevent communication breakdowns and misunderstandings. Helping people to communicate freely is my passion. I love my job, and I am grateful that organisations go the extra mile to hire an interpreter in order to allow their clients or employees express themselves fully. I hold an enhanced DBS disclosure certificate and I am up-to-date with the latest Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults policies and training. I am available to travel across Yorkshire and the Humber to meet clients face to face; I can also interpret via telephone or Skype.

The importance of accurate translation and interpretation when dealing with English lawyers

Many law firms work with clients from various countries. When interpreting or translation requirements emerge, companies often feel obliged to ask their inhouse staff for help, as it is perceived to be cheaper, and easier. Unfortunately, being able to speak two languages is not the same thing as being able [...]

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