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I am Head of Personal Injury here at Truth Legal solicitors. With over 20 years specialist experience in personal injury claims, I can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact me today!

Press Release: Truth Legal Helps Harrogate Peace Campaigner Win Compensation

*Press Release - June 2019* A HARROGATE woman is now successfully rebuilding her life after winning her compensation fight for injuries sustained while being part of a peace demonstration at Menwith Hill. The legal victory marked the end of a long-running ordeal for 71-year-old Barbara Penny, who alleged an employee [...]

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What To Do When You’ve Just Had A Car Accident

First of all, make sure everyone is ok and safe. Ensuring everyone is safe and well is the first priority after an accident. Call an ambulance if you are at all unsure about anyone’s wellbeing. Secondly, stay calm. Road traffic accidents happen all the time and, more importantly, they are [...]

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Sports Personal Injury Compensation Claims – Can I Claim? Should I Claim?

As can be seen, the title of this article asks two questions (which all you wise readers of Truth Legal blogs will have spotted straightaway!). Compensation claims of all types are being made every day: road traffic accident claims, accident at work claims and tripping and slipping accident claims. There [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Safe Motorbike Riding in the Summer Months

No matter what age you are, if you are reading this blog, you have probably heard that song by a band called Mungo Jerry, ‘In the Summertime’, which was a hit back in 1970. Most people know the lyrics, certainly the verse that bestows the virtues of summer time driving: [...]

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Why do Some Motorists Seem to Hate Cyclists?

If you type the title of this article into Google, the first thing that is likely to appear near the top of the page, is a line of YouTube videos, with titles such as “This is Why People Hate Cyclists” and “Idiot on a Bike”, amongst other, similarly ‘complimentary’ themes. [...]

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Has your work damaged your hearing? Noise-Induced Hearing Loss claims

None of us go to work expecting to be injured – but, just as many of those workers who were exposed to asbestos at work are now suffering dreadful health consequences, often years later, other workers who were exposed to high levels of noise at work may find that they [...]

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How To Make a Claim For Your Loss of Earnings

**Updated July 2018** Besides injuries, loss of income is perhaps the single most common type of loss that people suffer as a result of an accident. All kinds of injury can force you to take time off work whilst you recover from them. This means loss of earnings is [...]

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