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Louis heads up the Blacks Solicitors Immigration Team. He provides expert immigration advice in relation to applications for EU nationals and their family members, medium and highly skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, and family members. He also provides assistance with challenges to Home Office visa refusals.

Worrying Signs: Polish People Are Not Registering Under the EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme has been open to the public since 29 March 2019 yet Polish people have been particularly slow to register.  Here, I consider why this is and why this could become a problem. Recent figures show that over 1 million individuals have applied to register on the [...]

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Navigating the Minefield Part 2: How to apply for a Settlement visa from the USA

Perhaps it is the Trump Effect, but since I moved back up to work as an immigration solicitor in Leeds over a year ago, I have assisted a particularly high number of USA nationals join their loved ones in the Yorkshire region. I have been making sense of a user-unfriendly [...]

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Navigating the Minefield Part 1: How to Apply for a UK Visa from the USA

If you are a resident of the USA and want to obtain a visa for the UK, then you will face what is, quite frankly, a confused mess of a system.  In the first of this two-part series I will look at the application process for applying for visas generally.  [...]

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Non-EU Family Member Moving to the UK?  Here’s What to Do

I’d like to share with Truth Legal readers the fruits of my hard-earned labour establishing the various options for non-EU family members looking to apply to settle in the UK from abroad. There's detailed guidance available but it has holes, and it took a lengthy discussion with a Home Office [...]

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Why Non-EU Un-Married Partners Should Get a Residence Card. Now! (…or Get Married)

The new EU Settlement Scheme will provide a ‘straightforward and user-friendly means for resident EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members to remain here permanently’, according to Caroline Nokes, Minister for Immigration. Unless, it seems, you are a non-EU unmarried partner of an EU citizen (or ‘durable partner’, in [...]

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Some Immigration and Nationality Fees Respite

New immigration and nationality fees kick in today and, for once, it is relatively good news as the vast majority of fees are frozen. To some extent this will mitigate the effect of the Immigration Health Charge which was doubled earlier this year.  However, although fees remain stable, they are [...]

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The Passport to Immigration Security in Brexit

With no end to the Brexit uncertainty in sight, prudent EU nationals and their non-EU family members are taking action now to secure their immigration status. This article focuses on the upcoming changes and what steps those affected should take to protect their rights. What are the changes? After Britain [...]

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The EU Settlement Scheme: A Practical Guide for Employees and Employers

As we edge closer to Brexit on 29 March 2019, EU nationals and their family members need to ensure that they properly understand the EU Settlement Scheme, as it will be fully operational, regardless of whether or not there is a deal. From an employer’s perspective, it is also essential [...]

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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visas To Be Replaced By ‘Start-up’ and ‘Innovator’ Visas

A Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules, published on 7 March 2019, presents various changes to the system of immigration control.  Key amongst these is a transformation of what are presently the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur and Tier 1 Entrepreneur routes, into the Start-Ups and Innovators routes, respectively. Why [...]

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