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My name is Navya Shekhar, I have experience in employment law of over 10 years and have been working at Truth Legal since 2015.

Everything you need to know about Settlement Agreements but were too afraid to ask

So, you’re an employee and your employer has just mentioned the words ‘settlement agreement’. What does it mean? How will it affect you? What do I need to know? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. We hope to give you all the information you need to know about [...]

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Am I Redundant and What Are My Rights?

*Updated February 2018* Being told by your employer that you are now redundant can be a shock. The first questions to go through your mind may be: “How am I going to pay the mortgage?” or “How will I support my family?” Such worries are natural, but positive outcomes [...]

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50% of Women and 20% of Men Have Been Sexually Harassed at Work, Acccording to a BBC Survey

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, which have understandably rocked Hollywood, and the "me too" social media phenomenon which has exposed the shockingly high levels of sexual harassment more generally, the BBC has produced a survey specifically in relation to sexual harassment at work. According to the survey, [...]

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Am I Self-Employed – Or a ‘Worker’ in Disguise? 8 Questions to Ask

There’s been a lot in the news recently about ‘employment status’ and whether people are ‘self-employed’ or ‘workers’, so much so that you might be starting to wonder if any of this applies to you. Here’s our guide to working out whether you are an employee, a worker or self-employed. [...]

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Scrapped Employment Tribunal Fees – the latest!

A few weeks ago, we were delighted to bring you news that the Employment Tribunal fees regime had been scrapped . Not just scrapped – declared unlawful by the Supreme Court following a legal challenge by Unison. It was a great day for anyone concerned about access to justice. The fees [...]

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Why has my employer offered me a settlement agreement?

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding contract that can be used to bring an employment dispute between an employer and an employee to an end without an Employment Tribunal decision. As an employee, there are a number of advantages to accepting a Settlement Agreement. However, you might be wondering [...]

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Making ‘reasonable adjustments’ – your employer’s duty if you’re living with a disability

Life can be tough if you are living with a disability, whether it’s a lifelong condition or something that has developed following an accident or with illness. It’s often about making changes, adapting, adjusting at home – and even with support, this can be exhausting. In the workplace, though, you [...]

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Pay Gaps And High Heels – Recent Developments In Workplace Gender Equality

Two recent developments have signalled steps towards greater degrees of workplace gender equality. They are: gender pay gap reporting and discrimination in dress codes. Whilst you may be unlikely to see differences from them in the short-term, both developments highlight important issues and may, in time, bring significant changes to [...]

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What Are My Rights? Employment Status and the Gig Economy

Knowing your rights is a big part of being able to enforce them. Your status, whether as an employee, worker, or someone who is self-employed, can greatly affect the extent of your employment rights. For such important distinctions, you might think that the law would have it pretty much nailed [...]

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Rumours of Redundancy: What Should I Do?

Being at work whilst rumours of redundancy are going around can be a negative experience. Naturally, everyone begins to worry about their livelihood and their future. Whilst it may be tempting to stick your head in the sand, being aware of the law around redundancy can help to prepare you [...]

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