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About Sophie Timms

Sophie Timms graduated at Edge Hill University with first-class honours in July. She is a paralegal in Property Litigation and doing the LPC part-time from September 2019. She has aspirations of becoming a solicitor in either medical negligence, corporate or employment law.

Is a dismissal unfair if the employer acted reasonably in coming to its decision?

Case: Chubb Fire Security Limited v Harper (1983) WL 216016 Facts Mr Harper was employed by Minimax as a sales representative in 1969. In 1973, Minimax amalgamated with two other companies to form, Chubb Fire Security Ltd. Under his initial contract of employment, Mr Harper worked on a commission-only basis, [...]

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Can a GP surgery be liable for the full extent of injuries following a late referral?

Case: Wright v Cambridge Medical Group (A Partnership) [2013] QB 312 Facts In 1998, the claimant, an 11-month-old child, contracted chickenpox. On 9th April, she was admitted to hospital with a high temperature, and developed a bacterial super-infection within a couple of days. However, this infection was not diagnosed by [...]

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Is There a Difference in the Standard of Care Required from Doctors Depending on their Seniority?

Student lawyer Sophie Timms looks at the case of: FB v Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust [2017] EWCA Civ 334 Facts In the early hours of Monday 29th September 2003, the mother of a child phoned out-of-hours services due to the ill-health of her 13-month-old child. This resulted in a [...]

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What information must be disclosed to a patient before they consent to surgery?

Student lawyer Sophie Timms discusses the case of: Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board [2015] UKSC 11 and asks "what information must be disclosed to a patient before they consent to surgery?" Facts: The claimant, Mrs Montgomery, brought a medical negligence claim due to the injuries her son sustained during childbirth, [...]

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