Georgina Parkin represented an unfortunate delivery van driver who was stationary at traffic lights in Manchester when his van was slammed into from behind by a negligent, not-looking-where-he-was-going driver, who was probably on his mobile phone as well. After the crash, the car driver apologised and said that they should both pull into somewhere nearby in order to exchange details.

The cheeky, criminal (it is an offence to flee the scene of an accident) then sped off, leaving the van driver injured and without the details of the car driver. The delivery van driver thought that he had written down the other driver’s registration number, but either the number plate was false, or he had taken the registration number down incorrectly. Truth Legal knew that a claim was still possible in such circumstances.

Due to his painful whiplash, the van driver attended at hospital to be checked out, and, a few days later, he went to see his GP as the symptoms of whiplash persisted. Intelligently, the delivery driver made a diary of his symptoms, as he was aware that his memory of symptoms might fade over time.

On behalf of the van driver, Truth Legal made a Motor Insurers’ Bureau claim, funded by a No Win, No Fee agreement. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau took their time, with their first offer being roundly rejected, but eventually the claim settled for an appropriate sum of money. The delivery driver was delighted with the outcome and the service he received, so much so that he instructed Truth Legal on another matter.

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