Truth Legal successfully represented a veterinary nurse who, when looking after a sick, dangerous dog, was bitten badly on his hand, when removing a catheter. These things do happen, but the accident was entirely avoidable: the dog was known to be dangerous, but this information was not passed onto the unknowing nurse. Had the nurse been aware that the dog had shown signs of aggression then the nurse would have taken extra precautions when performing a minor procedure on this dangerous dog.

In addition to this strong argument, we argued – successfully – that the vets practice had failed to comply with the legal duties under the Manual Handling Operations, specifically regulation 4(1)(a) and (b) (, leading to the nurse’s serious injuries.

Typically, the employers’ liability insurers instructed their solicitors to fight the claim. A court application for disclosure was required in order to prove the absence of appropriate training. Despite the denial of liability, Truth Legal obtained independent medical evidence from a specialist hand surgeon, at no cost to the nurse. After careful analysis of the medical evidence and with a comprehensive schedule of loss, an offer of settlement was made to the other side – which was accepted- and the case was settled without any court attendance.

It took enormous fortitude by the nurse to bring a claim against his employers in the circumstances, but it must be remembered that no amount of money can compensate someone for a permanent hand injury.

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