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Rights to Light

Do you need legal advice with a rights to light property dispute? Phone 01423 788 538 now for a free, no obligation consultation. There are good reasons why houses and other residential properties have windows. Access to natural light is a necessary part of [...]

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Property Disputes

Do you have a property dispute and need expert legal advice? Phone 01423 788 538 now for a free, no obligation consultation. All legal disputes can be distressing. A dispute can feel particularly intrusive if it affects your home, your land, or the ways [...]

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Maternity Rights

Maternity rights need to be appropriately considered by an employer when they are employing female staff. It is important that women feel valued and appreciated by their employer during their pregnancy and after their pregnancy in order to reduce the number of maternity discrimination claims. Often, it [...]

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Disciplinary Procedures

A disciplinary procedure is put into motion when an employer is unhappy with an employee's personal or professional conduct. It is usually considered to be the best way for an employer to inform an employee of their disapproval and it gives an employer the opportunity to explain [...]

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Compensation Claims Against “Hit and Run” Drivers (Untraced Drivers)

The phrase ‘hit and run’ is unfortunately heard all too often in the news. It refers to any motorist involved in a road traffic accident who leaves the scene without helping or giving their details. Doing so is a criminal offence. According to Department of Transport statistics, hit [...]

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