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The “You Have Been In An Accident” Scam Phone Calls Need To Stop!

This morning, I was driving to work when I answered a phone call via hands free. The voice at the other end of the line was automated and it said "Hello, we have your details about the accident you just had which wasn't your fault". I was furious! As a [...]

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A Harrogate Solicitor’s View on the Personal Injury Reforms, by Andrew Gray

In April 2019, the Government is likely to make substantial, unfair and illogical changes to the way that personal injury claims are pursued, to the detriment of ordinary people. As a Harrogate solicitor, specialising in personal injury law, these changes are an attack on one of the fundamental principles of [...]

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Truth Legal Press Coverage – February 2018

We recently distributed a press release announcing that Andrew Gray of Truth Legal Solicitors is the new Harrogate and District Law Society President. The piece has been featured on The Business Desk, Yorkshire Business Daily, Yorkshire Insider Media, Business Up North and the Harrogate Advertiser. This is a prestigious new [...]

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Andrew Gray Announced As New Law Society President

At the recent AGM of the Harrogate and District Law Society, the presidency passed from Kate Maybury of Raworths Solicitors to Andrew Gray of Truth Legal solicitors. In her farewell speech, Kate Maybury reflected on what had been a very successful year as President. Kate said: “I would just like [...]

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Dog Bite Compensation – Should I Make A Claim?

We have all heard it said many times. “We are a nation of dog lovers.” According to a poll in 2016 by BMG Research , it’s not just a well-worn saying but is backed up by statistics. A nationally representative sample of 1500 UK adults found that almost half of [...]

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12 things you must do when you have had an accident at work

  **Updated May 2018** Falling victim to an accident at work is often a distressing and confusing time. Besides your injuries you may have many worries associated with your accident, and finding reliable information can be difficult. In this article, I aim to cut through the confusion and give you [...]

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Andrew Gray – The Fifth Anniversary Interview

Q - With Truth Legal approaching its fifth anniversary, tell me how do you feel about the project? A - I'm immensely proud of what we have achieved in a short period of time, and yet I feel that we have only just begun. There is so much more that [...]

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Diabetes: Mismanagement of Care, Late Diagnosis and Amputations

Poor medical care in the management of patients suffering from diabetes can lead to complications which at the most severe level can result in limb amputations, most usually of the foot. Where there has been poor management, leading to severe consequences for the diabetes sufferer, including amputation, it may be [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Making A Claim For Clinical Negligence When the NHS Gets It Wrong

The NHS is a highly emotive topic of conversation these days and a political ‘hot potato’. Hugely underfunded or hugely mismanaged? People’s views on this tend to be swayed by their political persuasion, although what is surely clear to everyone, regardless of politics, is that the Health Service is in [...]

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