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Assaulted at work includes cases of violence in the workplace and people who have been assaulted at work. Find out what a “duty of care” means and what you can do if you have been in a similar situation. Read more about how to calculate the compensation in an assaulted at work claim and the benefits of speaking to one of our specialist solicitors.

Recovering From An Assault At Work

Our guest author, Marie Scott, advises on how to recover from an assault at work. Number of employees assaulted at work According to the latest available Crime Survey of England and Wales, that for 2015/16, there were 329,000 reported physical assaults at work that year. This equated to 1.5% of [...]

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Half of Community-based Nursing Staff Suffer from Abuse

A recent survey conducted by the Royal College of Nursing has found that around 48% of the nurses surveyed had suffered some form of abuse in the two preceding years. 1300 nurses, who work in the community, were the subject of the survey. 11% of the nurses surveyed claimed that [...]

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Successful Assault at Work Claim

We recently acted for a lady who was assaulted at work by a service user during the course of her employment at a children's home. Our client's job role involved providing assistance to children with complex learning requirements and behavioural difficulties. Our client's claim was funded under a No Win, [...]

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Assault In The Workplace – An Uncaring Employer

A recent case, successfully resolved by Truth Legal, paints a shocking picture of an employer’s complete disregard for the well-being of one of their workers. When Stuart sustained a vicious assault at work, he naturally expected his employer of 7 years to be supportive. What he actually encountered was a [...]

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Violence in the Workplace: Don’t Become a Statistic!

Violence at work is more common than you might think! Read on to find out more. Assault can happen anywhere and at any time, and the workplace is no exception to this rule. However, few of us truly recognise how widespread this problem has become. There are some shocking [...]

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What are Some Sources of Compensation after an Assault in the Workplace?

You’ve been assaulted at work and would like to apply for compensation. What options are available to you? Life after a physical assault in the workplace can seem frightening and overwhelming. You may have reported the incident to the police and to your employer, and you may have received any [...]

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What Does “Duty of Care” Actually Mean?

Assaulted at Work explores the contentious topic of employer responsibility. Most of us know that employers have a “duty of care” towards employees. However, we are usually only familiar with just that phrase and not what it actually entails. There are several aspects to this law, including: Protecting employees from [...]

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