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50 Shades of Abuse – Examples of Obvious and Not So Obvious Forms of Domestic Abuse

Whenever I meet with a new client, regardless of gender, one of the first questions I always ask is: was there was any domestic abuse in the relationship? The answer, I most frequently get, is: “he/she/they never hit me”. During my years as a family law solicitor, I have come [...]

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Children Matters – Urgent Applications

Although parents are always encouraged to resolve any disputes regarding their children amicably, at Truth Legal we understand that this is not always possible. Sometimes this is due to the acrimonious relationship between the parents and sometimes due to the urgent nature of the dispute. There may [...]

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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements offer a useful way to protect certain assets against the possibility of divorce. A prenuptial agreement (sometimes referred to as a prenup) is an agreement made between you and your partner before you get married, which set out how assets and money will [...]

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Cohabitation Agreements

Couples that live together (who are not married or in a civil partnership) can be at risk of overestimating the rights they have regarding shared money and property. When compared to spouses and civil partners, cohabitees actually have very few legal protections in this regard – and [...]

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Domestic Abuse

Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse regardless of their age, gender, or background. Domestic abuse does not have to be physical. It can include psychological abuse, such as threats, controlling and coercive behaviour, insults, and financial manipulation. It can also include sexual abuse. Whatever form [...]

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Civil Partnerships

If you would like legal advice on any aspect of a civil partnership, Truth Legal can help you. Whether you and your loved one are about to become civil partners, or you are unfortunately facing the break-up of your civil partnership, we can guide you with clear, [...]

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Children Matters

When you have children, the breakdown of a relationship can often place them at the centre of a complicated dispute. And when legal matters affect your child’s wellbeing, you want to ensure that you have the right family law experts to help. Whether you are going through [...]

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Divorce and Separation

There is often so much to be dealt with in divorce proceedings that it can feel like a daunting and impossible task. Obtaining the right legal support is crucial to seeing matters clearly. No matter how overwhelming your divorce may seem, Truth Legal can help you through [...]

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