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Importance of T&Cs for Small Businesses

Running a small business isn’t easy; whether you’re just starting out and striving to get your business known, or you’re building upon years of trading, there’s always a lot to be done. As such, it’s understandable if sorting out your business’s terms and conditions is not your top priority. Maybe [...]

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Pregnancy in the workplace

How should I tell my employer that I am pregnant, and should my employer change my work duties as a result of my pregnancy? It is important to write to your employer (either by letter or email) to tell them you are pregnant, particularly if your job is of a physical nature, for [...]

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Young mother saved from homelessness

On an evening in June, Truth Legal received a phone call from the relative of a young mother who was facing eviction from her Housing Association flat at 11am the following day. Following a series of errors by benefits agencies she was forced into rent arrears. The young mother had [...]

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