Sponsor Licence Compliance, Visits, Suspension and Revocation

Latest Articles If you have a sponsor licence, or are about to apply for one, it is essential that you understand your sponsor licence duties and responsibilities.  Failure to comply with your duties can lead to enforcement action by the Home Office.  This could result [...]

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How to Sponsor a Chef under a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

In a welcome development, restaurants can now hire skilled chefs from overseas under a Tier 2 sponsor licence.  This important change could alleviate the chronic shortage in chefs causing many restaurants to close down. The shortage is particularly acute for curry houses, hence the recent changes being called a ‘Vindaloo [...]

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7 Steps to a Successful Spouse or Partner Visa Application

Helping people with spouse or ‘Partner’ applications is often the most rewarding work I do, as I get to play a role in bringing loved ones together.  Unfortunately, applicants and sponsors normally find these applications highly stressful. Before I go further, let me get the definitions out of the way.   [...]

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Business Visa Routes

Latest Articles 2019 was a year of great change for the visa routes which allow businessmen and women to stay in the UK long-term.  The Tier 1 Entrepreneur route was closed to new entrants in 2019, whilst restrictions were placed on the eligibility criteria for [...]

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Visitor Visas

Latest Articles If you are looking to come to the UK for a visit, then you can stay for up to six months.  If you are from a certain country, then you will be exempt from having to first obtain a Visitor visa.  People from [...]

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Immigration Law for Churches and Other Religious Organisations

Religious organisations, whether churches, mosques, synagogues or Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh temples, have for a long time had a unique set of immigration rules imposed on them which dictates who can work, and even volunteer, for them. This article provides a current overview of the key immigration policies which affect [...]

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Immigration Training

Latest Articles Truth Legal provide training to a variety of organisations on different aspects immigration law and practice. Louis MacWilliam heads up the Truth Legal Immigration Team and is an experienced trainer.  He has provided training to immigration advisors through the Immigration Law Practitioners Association.  [...]

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