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Unrepresented in Court? Litigant in Person? See How We Can Help

Use the Truth Legal Library and ONRECORD to build your case and prepare your evidence. ON​RECORD is proud to be working with Truth Legal because we share Andrew Gray's philosophy of working affordably and in an honest and ethical way and are committed to helping people who can’t afford a [...]

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ONRECORD – Evidence Gathering App

Introducing ONRECORD, a new evidence gathering app to help you with your legal case. We have partnered with app creators, ONRECORD to introduce a simple and effective way to gather evidence when you have a legal matter. This app is the first of its kind and [...]

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If You Want To Escape From Domestic Abuse Don’t Leave On A Whim. You’ll Fail.

What can be gleaned from the statistics about domestic abuse? Here are some staggering facts about domestic abuse: Don’t think it’s confined to just women or certain sections of society. Of those aged 16-74 who told the Crime Survey for England and Wales that they had experienced some form of [...]

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Know About ‘Gaslighting’? Here’s How Not To Be Tricked

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation and psychological control where victims are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, even sometimes about themselves. Victims can find themselves doubting their memory, their perceptions, and their sanity.  It derives its name from a [...]

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