Pay Gaps And High Heels – Recent Developments In Workplace Gender Equality

Two recent developments have signalled steps towards greater degrees of workplace gender equality. They are: gender pay gap reporting and discrimination in dress codes. Whilst you may be unlikely to see differences from them in the short-term, both developments highlight important issues and may, in time, bring significant changes to [...]

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What Are My Rights? Employment Status and the Gig Economy

Knowing your rights is a big part of being able to enforce them. Your status, whether as an employee, worker, or someone who is self-employed, can greatly affect the extent of your employment rights. For such important distinctions, you might think that the law would have it pretty much nailed [...]

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The Right to Rest: Your Entitlement to a Rest Break at Work

Many regulations exist to safeguard the health of workers. Those relating to rest breaks are some of the less well-known, and yet overwork can have a whole range of negative effects on your health. Similarly, tiredness due to working night shifts can actually increase your chances of having an accident [...]

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What Is Unlawful Discrimination And How Do I Know If I’ve Been Discriminated Against?

**This article was updated in February 2019** You probably have an idea of what discrimination looks like; sexism, ageism, racism, these are all high-profile forms of discrimination. Many well-known problems in the modern workplace stem from discrimination – for example sex discrimination is at the heart of such issues as [...]

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