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Why should you switch solicitors?

One example... Recently we were contacted by a young man who had suffered whiplash in a road traffic accident nearly three years before. He was “allocated” a large law firm to “process” his case by his car insurers. Like most injured people in these scenarios the man was not [...]

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Under Legal Expenses Insurance, What Is “Freedom Of Choice Of Solicitor”?

**This article was updated in October 2019** What is Legal Expenses Insurance? Legal Expenses Insurance is insurance which is usually tagged onto (usually for an additional premium) home insurance, travel insurance or onto a motor insurance policy. In addition, some credit cards provide Legal Expenses Insurance. Legal Expenses Insurance [...]

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The law as seen by a non-lawyer

Written by Robert Darlington, Assistant at Truth Legal Like most people, I have not had formal legal training. I have never needed it as I don't handle cases or deal with clients, unlike in some firms where para-legals who are no more qualified than I am handle hundreds of cases [...]

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Why do employment and personal injury solicitors exist?

Occasionally I dip into the numerous notebooks which I have filled over the years with a hotchpotch of barely legible thoughts, quotes and nuggets of wisdom. Today, whilst reading a somewhat dog-eared notepad, spanning the 2007-8 years, I came across the following quote from Karl Marx, who visited Harrogate in [...]

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What do solicitors do?

Frequently I attend new client meetings, either in connection with a personal injury or workplace dispute, I ask my new client whether he/she understands what it is that a solicitor does. The answers vary. Most people’s experience of solicitors comes from buying a house – when it can be unclear [...]

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