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Why should you switch solicitors?

One example... Recently we were contacted by a young man who had suffered whiplash in a road traffic accident nearly three years before. He was “allocated” a large law firm to “process” his case by his car insurers. Like most injured people in these scenarios the man was not [...]

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What is freedom of choice of solicitor?

Under the regulation 6 of The Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) Regulations 1990 (seehttp://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1990/1159/regulation/6/made) a person with a legal expenses insurance should, in theory, be able to instruct the lawyer of their choice. But insurers commonly try to restrict the lawyer that can be used, referring their policyholder to a [...]

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The law as seen by a non-lawyer

Written by Robert Darlington, Assistant at Truth Legal Like most people, I have not had formal legal training. I have never needed it as I don't handle cases or deal with clients, unlike in some firms where para-legals who are no more qualified than I am handle hundreds of cases [...]

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Why do employment and personal injury solicitors exist?

Occasionally I dip into the numerous notebooks which I have filled over the years with a hotchpotch of barely legible thoughts, quotes and nuggets of wisdom. Today, whilst reading a somewhat dog-eared notepad, spanning the 2007-8 years, I came across the following quote from Karl Marx, who visited Harrogate in [...]

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What do solicitors do?

Frequently I attend new client meetings, either in connection with a personal injury or workplace dispute, I ask my new client whether he/she understands what it is that a solicitor does. The answers vary. Most people’s experience of solicitors comes from buying a house – when it can be unclear [...]

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