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6 reasons why lawyers should work at a larger law firm

 I'm Andrew Gray, owner of Truth Legal and Truth Recruit. Truth Legal is probably the only regulated recruitment practice in the UK. Here are 6 reasons why lawyers should always consider working for a larger law firm, particularly in the earlier stage of their career. A lot of lawyers [...]

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Are Most Legal Recruitment Agencies Not Fit For Purpose (And If Not Is There An Alternative)?

Over the years since I first qualified as a solicitor, I have had experience of using legal recruitment agencies both as a job seeker and as an employer. What’s my experience of using them been like? Completely underwhelming from both sides of the fence. (Actually, it isn’t strictly true that [...]

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Solicitors: Is It Time You Changed Your Job?

Deciding whether to stay in your job or leave for something better is never easy. Whilst your instinctive answer might come to you quickly, nagging doubts about the alternative are never slow to follow. And that’s completely understandable. After all, your job is a significant part of your life and [...]

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Curious Conversations – The Power of Personal Coaching

As an advocate for their clients, lawyers must develop a wide range of skills, over and above an expert knowledge of their legal field. These "soft", often intangible, skills include the ability to tease out a client’s true goals and motives, to understand the context of their circumstances, explain all [...]

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