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Facial implants are a common form of cosmetic surgery usually carried out for aesthetic reasons to improve the facial appearance, but the procedure can also be carried out for reconstructive reasons following an accident or another type of surgery.

Over time skin and muscles in the face don’t perform as they used to, so to enhance appearance and restore volume to the face, people undertake facial implants, usually using silicone. While the vast majority of these operations are carried out without incident and the patient is perfectly happy with the results, the delicate nature of the facial area means there are risks and occasional problems with such a procedure.

What can go wrong with facial implant surgery?

If you feel unhappy with the results of a facial implant procedure, it may be that you can pursue a claim against the surgeon who carried it out. In many cases cosmetic surgery is done to boost self-confidence and so it can be shattering when the procedure not only doesn’t achieve this, but in some cases can result in your appearance being affected further. So if you feel you have suffered from facial implant negligence, we can help you pursue a compensation claim.

Following a facial implant operation, it is common to feel some numbness, bruising or swelling in the face, but this should soon subside. Longer term issues may suggest cosmetic surgery negligence has occurred and these can include:

  • Infection
  • Abnormal scarring
  • Migration of the implant
  • Blood clots/Haematoma
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of sensation in the lips
  • Reaction to general anaesthetic

Cosmetic Surgery Claims – Facial Implant Surgery

The outcome of facial implant negligence is that you can have physical injuries you need to recover from, which can cause you emotional distress and can also lead to loss of earnings. There are additional financial costs for recovery treatment, potential further surgery and of course the initial failed operation. We believe that you should be rewarded financially to cover all these costs, if it can be proven that surgical negligence contributed directly to your injuries and discomfort.

Our cosmetic surgery claim solicitor, Georgina Parkin, is experienced in dealing with all types of compensation claims and can advise on the type of evidence you need to collate, what recuperative treatment you should seek and of course how you can go about pursuing a claim for facial implant negligence compensation.

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