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Laser eye surgery has been a common procedure for many years now, but is still increasing in popularity as technology and techniques become more advanced. A successful laser eye surgery operation can have life-changing benefits, but equally, if an operation were to go wrong it can lead to significant problems, both physically and mentally, and can also lead to costly procedures to correct the problem, or to a loss of earnings as a result of your injuries and discomfort.

If laser eye surgery goes wrong it can have irreversible consequences, and of course the very nature of the eye means any kind of procedure is delicate and very skilled. If you feel dissatisfied with laser eye surgery, or there is evidence of direct negligence on the part of the surgeon, then you are entitled to seek compensation to help you with ongoing costs and to reward you for the difficulties faced as a consequence.

What problems can be caused by laser eye surgery negligence?

The eye is an extremely sensitive organ and surgeons who operate on you should be highly qualified, but even the most experienced eye surgeon can be guilty of error, and the seriousness of the consequences mean you should consider seeking compensation if you are at all unhappy with the outcome of the procedure.

Laser eye surgery negligence can result in:

  • Headaches
  • Swelling or discomfort around the eyes
  • Temporary or permanent blurred vision
  • Temporary or permanent blindness

Laser Eye Surgery Claims

Quite apart from any physical discomfort following laser eye surgery negligence, you are faced with a psychological ordeal also. This could also lead to financial hardship, and as such you are encouraged to find the evidence required to pursue a laser eye surgery compensation claim.

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