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We can help with contractual and commercial disputes.

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In a commercial context, contracts can take many forms, they can be written, verbal or even just implied. The common factor is that the terms of the contract are extremely important to an organisation, and also, if you get this wrong, the effects can be very damaging. The negative consequences of a contract dispute on a business can have detrimental effects through:

  • Costs
  • The reputation, goodwill and commercial standing of a business
  • Stress, upheaval and personnel issues

Types Of Commercial Contract Disputes

There are a number of different types of disputes that a commercial organisation can get involved in, and which Truth Legal can help you resolve. Typically, these are:

  • Mergers, acquisitions or the sale of a business
  • Not honouring contractual obligations
  • Errors or misrepresentation in honouring a contract
  • Professional negligence
  • Disagreements over interpretation of contract terms or the nature of a business relationship

How Truth Legal Can Help You

We are an ethical solicitors that doesn’t always employ aggressive tactics. We take an approach that is centred on mediation and respect, and we find that this often leads to a quicker and less costly resolution. This also causes less distress and may even leave the door open to building a future business relationship with the other party in the dispute.

We believe that every organisation needs easy access to professional legal advice and support that they can understand, interpret and act upon. We can provide a personal service that offers you unrivalled experience of various different commercial industries and has expertise in many different types of commercial contract disputes.

Truth Legal is a local solicitors with a country-wide reach, and we know we can help a business like yours with critical legal advice just when you need it, so get in touch with us today.

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