Do You Need Injunction Legal Advice?


Do you need injunction advice?

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A commercial organisation will seek to apply an injunction as a solution to a number of different disputes. Generally speaking, if you apply for an injunction you wish to prevent another party from carrying out a certain act, or you wish to compel them to take a certain action. On the flipside, a rival party may wish to take an injunction out on you for the same reasons as above.

When Is An Injunction Used In Commercial Business?

An injunction is often an appropriate course of action in the following circumstances:

  • Where specific performance of a contract is required
  • Where enforcement of lease covenants and restrictive covenants halts or prevents a breach
  • To prevent certain actions that are causing a nuisance
  • To prevent work going ahead that is at the centre of a boundary or party wall dispute
  • To apply for a freezing order to prevent a commercial tenant from disposing of assets, ie. when they become insolvent

How Can Truth Legal Help Your Business?

Seeking an injunction can help to protect your business from damage, reputational harm, financial harm or the infringement of the rights of the business. In such circumstances you need trusted, specialist advice and Truth Legal exist as a local and accessible solicitors who can provide this expert guidance.

Truth Legal can tailor advice to ensure action taken is in the best interests of your business. This advice takes account of your industry challenges and the current business climate, and hence has the objective of leaving your business in a stronger position.

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An injunction is an effective way to prevent damage to your business, but only if it is implemented quickly. Therefore, you need dedicated advice and timely action. The courts have the option to grant temporary ‘interim’ injunctions while court proceedings are ongoing. Contact Truth Legal today to take account of this time factor, which is essential in meeting tight timescales with the correct actions to leave your business in the best health.

Truth Legal understand the needs of your business and we think every commercial organisation needs access to specialist, expert advice. We can take care of this complex area of the law for you, so get in touch today.

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