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With property transactions you can come into contact with many different professionals, such as surveyors, solicitors, estate agents, financial advisors and auctioneers. It is not uncommon for the work of those professionals to sometimes fall below the standards you expect, or that they are regulated by.

When you put your trust in professionals, this can be frustrating and stressful. And as a business, you rely on the skills and knowledge of professionals, so negligent conduct can have a very damaging effect and serious consequences for your business.

How Can Truth Legal Help?

You may be able to recover some or all of the financial loss your business has incurred as a result of professional negligence, where it can be proven that this financial detriment has resulted from a direct reliance on the property professional’s negligent conduct. It can be difficult and time-consuming to prove this, but Truth Legal is an accessible legal resource with dedicated expertise in this area, and we can help you balance and reclaim this financial loss.

Proving Professional Negligence

The diverse range of disciplines involved under the umbrella of property professionals means there are a number of bodies regulating their conduct and compliance. However, the law applies to them all in a similar way.

A property professional must have a duty of care with you, for you to prove that they have been negligent, and with our help we can establish if this has been breached. We must also prove that financial loss has occurred as a direct result of that breach. Proving this can be complex and often relates to the standards usually expected from a competent member of that profession.

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Truth Legal can help with every aspect of a professional negligence claim. We can assess the prospects of a successful claim and advise how you should proceed, based on whether your evidence is strong enough.

We can do this on the basis of having the knowledge and experience to understand your business and what possible consequences may result from pursuing a claim. This could affect the reputation of your business and result in excessive costs, and therefore we can make a judgement that reflects the likelihood of success and the best interests of your organisation.

Truth Legal is an ethical solicitors that takes a personal approach and offers clear, trusted and reliable advice to ensure your business remains in good health, so please call us today or click here to contact us with your professional negligence issues.

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