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Without question, Truth Legal is not perfect and there is always room for improvement, but we do try to make a positive difference. Certainly, we can – and must! – be better. Hopefully, with each day’s work, we try to leave the world a little better than what we found it.

These are just some of the reasons why we think that we are on the right track:

  1. We have given away – and continue to give away – countless hours of free -FREE! – legal advice. Since our inception in 2012, we have lost count of the free legal advice that we have provided. Every first consultation has been free for our clients. We estimate that we currently give away around twenty hours of free legal advice per week. There is a dearth of free legal advice, particularly after Legal Aid has been decimated, so we do our best to fill the vacuum.
  2. Through our Legal Library we continue to provide FREE, no-strings-attached precedent legal documents to people whom we will never meet so that they can formulate their cases better. Due to the shameful reduction in Legal Aid and the high cost of legal fees, the courts and tribunals are clogged up with Litigants in Person (people without lawyers), who, despite their best efforts, really struggle to put down in writing what their case is all about. If, with the assistance of our precedent documents, someone more coherently explains their case, the courts (and therefore the administration of justice) will have been assisted.
  3. Around 1/3 of our clients are migrant workers who are frequently treated very poorly at work. Often these people are poorly paid and as result their claims are not worth a fortune. And often migrant workers cannot speak or read English particularly well. We are lucky to have two brilliant and ethical Polish-speaking members of staff who provide most of our pro bono legal advice. When we cannot help a potential new client, we do our best to point people in the right direction. We estimate that our employment team does not make a profit. It is therefore more important to us that we help people, than we make a profit. And the more people we help, the faster we grow. The more staff we have, the more people we can help.
  4. As long as our clients have a good case, we will take on any organisation, no matter how powerful they are, or how well-resourced our opponents are. It is our mission to provide Access to Justice. We aren’t scared off by the rich and powerful.
  5. We love No Win, No Fee agreements. Sure, No Win, No Fee agreements are common in personal injury, industrial disease and clinical negligence claims, but they are far less common for employment claims, but we still offer them to clients with employment claims where possible. We have also used No Win, No Fee agreement to represent protestors who have been unlawfully arrested, and for people who have had their computers hacked. Wherever possible, we do not want to leave our clients out of pocket.
  6. If our clients have Legal Expenses Insurance, we usually do not charge more money to our clients than what the Legal Expenses Insurers pay us. This saves our clients a fortune. We have also partnered with CrowdJustice, a leading crowdfunding platform specifically designed to help clients get access to funding for their case. Find 0ut more about Crowdfunding for legal cases.
  7. We support charities and organisations:
    1. Our founder is a trustee at the new charity, Harrogate Hub , attending meetings during working hours.
    2. We have sponsored Willow Tree Swimming pool.
    3. We have sponsored Navya’s school team.
    4. We have supported MacMillan Cancer Support with our coffee mornings, RoadPeace and Victim Support .cakes
    5. We sponsor Poole Football team
  8. We try to pay our bills as soon as possible, rather than waiting to be chased for money, or waiting to the last minute to pay, just because we can.
  9. We try and use local businesses as our suppliers whenever possible.
  10. Our solicitors have fewer cases per solicitor than many law firms, so that a more personal, bespoke and friendly service can be provided. This may reduce our profitability, but we don’t care. We want happy lawyers, as happy lawyers make for happy clients.
  11. We endeavour to be a transparent firm – transparent with our clients and with our staff. Everyone in the firm knows what legal fees each lawyer has generated.
  12. We try to enhance our staff’s terms and conditions each Christmas, paying people fairly. We want to provide an excellent work-life balance for our team. We want our staff to flourish and to enjoy their work.
  13. We invest in our staff, having provided two training contracts, thereby helping two trainee solicitors to become solicitors. Similarly, we have helped two apprentices to complete their apprenticeships with us.
  14. Only rarely do we charge anything for the signing of documents, such as passports.
  15. We endeavour to use as little paper as possible, because we are a paper-lite office. We can definitely make more progress here.

Clearly, we should be doing a great deal more. We need to make more progress, particularly in matters relating to the environment, and the purchase of fair trade products. In due course, we hope to add to this list.

By all means, please get in touch with me Andrew Gray at [email protected] with your suggestions for us.

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