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We are specialist family law solicitors here to help you with children legal matters

When you have children, the breakdown of a relationship can often place them at the centre of a complicated dispute. And when legal matters affect your child’s wellbeing, you want to ensure that you have the right family law experts to help.

Truth Legal can provide you with the representation and guidance you need.

Family law children matters

Whether you are going through a divorce and separation, the dissolution of a civil partnership, or breaking up as a cohabiting couple, a number of issues can arise if you have children together. These include:

  • Where a child will live
  • How much time a child will spend with the other parent
  • Which school a child will attend
  • What rights the grandparents will have
  • Whether either parent is allowed to relocate a child, either in the UK or abroad

If your child’s other parent is trying to move them to a different home, different school, or even different country, you may have to take urgent action to prevent it from happening. 

In these situations, Truth Legal can help you to make an urgent application to the court, seeking an order to prevent or reverse any such changes.

At Truth Legal, we offer a top-quality and friendly legal service with an expert family law solicitor responsible for your case.

Contact us today for clear advice and support on legal matters involving your children. We can offer you a free, confidential 30-minute consultation, to help you consider the best way forward in your circumstances.

Will I have to go to court?

Both sides of a child legal dispute are encouraged to resolve the matters regarding the children amicably or with an assistance of a mediator. At Truth Legal we understand that this is not always possible. We can assist in issuing the Court proceedings, where necessary, and represent you throughout the case.

If any application to the court is made in relation to a child, the Children and Family Court Advisor and Support Service (CAFCASS) will get involved. They independently advise the family courts about what is safe for children and in their best interests. They put the children’s needs, wishes and feelings first, making sure that the children’s voices are heard at the heart of the family court setting.

Court proceedings can be long, complex and overwhelming, and we understand that you will want certainty and reassurance whenever your children’s welfare is at stake.


Truth Legal is committed to fair, affordable pricing for all of our services. We will discuss funding arrangements in detail with you before working on your case, so you can be clear on costs and expenses upfront.

Instruct Truth Legal on a legal matter involving children

When there is a legal dispute concerning your child, there is no substitute for instructing specialist family law solicitors to act for you. Children matters often involve intricate legal issues, requiring a high degree of expertise.

Truth Legal is based in Harrogate and Leeds and represents clients nationwide. Our team pride themselves on providing an exceptional service, and our exceptional client reviews on Trustpilot demonstrate how effective they are at doing so.


By instructing Truth Legal, you will be able to call upon:

  • Technical knowledge and skill – ensuring your matter is handled efficiently and correctly.
  • Advice and representation – a specialist family law solicitor acting for you and protecting your legal rights.
  • Support and compassion – someone on your side to help you through a time when emotions can often run high.


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