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Children Matters – Urgent Applications

Our specialist family law solicitors can help you make an urgent application in children matters

Although parents are always encouraged to resolve any disputes regarding their children amicably, at Truth Legal we understand that this is not always possible. Sometimes this is due to the acrimonious relationship between the parents and sometimes due to the urgent nature of the dispute.

We can help you in these difficult situations.

Making an urgent application in children matters

There may be occasions when one parent makes threats to remove a child, for example, from school or nursery, or even out of the jurisdiction, which requires urgent legal assistance. Sometimes a child has already been removed from a setting or locality before the other parent realises. There may be incidents when one parent refuses to return a child following the agreed contact arrangements.

In these circumstances, it is possible to make an urgent application to the court to prevent or reverse such an event. A successful application might compel a parent to return the child to the care of the other parent.

When to make an urgent application

The circumstances and reasons for urgency are assessed on a case-by-case basis in order to determine whether there are any grounds for an urgent application.

If there are sufficient compelling reasons to require the urgent assistance from the court, the appropriate application can be made immediately and a hearing can often be listed on the same day, or within the next few days.

In comparison, the timeframe for a hearing deriving from a standard application, for example, in relation to where the child lives or how much time they spend with another parent, is approximately 6 weeks. Urgent applications are by their nature far quicker.

Contact us today for clear advice and support on legal matters involving children. We offer a confidential 30-minute free consultation during which we can consider the best way forward. Our dedicated and experienced family law team will be able to assess whether your circumstances could warrant an urgent application to court.


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Instruct Truth Legal to make an urgent application

When there is a legal dispute concerning your child, there is no substitute for instructing specialist family law solicitors to act for you. Such cases often involve intricate legal issues, requiring a high degree of expertise.

Truth Legal is based in Leeds and Harrogate, representing clients nationwide. Our team pride themselves on providing an exceptional level of client service. Decide for yourself by reading our exceptional client reviews on Trustpilot.


By instructing Truth Legal, you will be able to call upon:

  • Technical knowledge and skill – ensuring your matter is handled efficiently and correctly.
  • Advice and representation – a specialist family law solicitor acting for you and protecting your legal rights.
  • Support and compassion – someone on your side to help you through a time when emotions can often run high.


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