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Divorce and Separation

Our specialist family law solicitors can help with your divorce or separation

There is often so much to be dealt with in divorce proceedings that it can feel like a daunting and impossible task. Obtaining the right legal support is crucial to seeing matters clearly.

No matter how overwhelming your divorce or separation may seem, Truth Legal’s family law experts can help you through it.

Legal advice on divorce and separation

Even if both you and your spouse are intending to resolve the divorce amicably, advice from an expert divorce solicitor can save a lot of trouble and confusion in the long term. Seeking advice early gives you the best chance of protecting your position and receiving advice tailored to your circumstances. And just because you have instructed a solicitor does not mean that your divorce proceedings will involve bitter disputes or a lengthy court battle.

Truth Legal can offer you family law expertise. We understand that divorce and separation can create an incredibly difficult and uncertain time, but our highly-rated specialist services can provide you with the compassionate professional support you need.

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Ending a marriage through divorce

In order to apply for a divorce, the marriage must have lasted for at least a year. Since 6th April 2022, you no longer have to provide a ‘reason’ for your divorce (such as adultery or unreasonable behaviour). Instead, one or both of you can apply for a divorce by making a statement that your marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down’.

Even if your spouse is against the divorce, they cannot legally oppose it.

After you have made your application, there will be a 20-week waiting period. This is to give you time to reflect – because, after this period is up, you will be required to confirm that you wish to continue with the divorce before the proceedings can move further.

If you give this confirmation, the court will grant a Conditional Order. This states that the court does not see a reason why the divorce cannot be granted.

However, the marriage will not be brought to a legal end until the court has made a Final Order. This can only be done after a further 6 weeks have passed from the date of the Conditional Order.

Finances and division of assets

There are a lot of practical issues which arise out of divorce proceedings, including the financial consequences of the marriage breakdown.

When the parties separate it is always advisable to consider how the assets of the marriage should be divided. These include the matrimonial property, savings, pensions, and can include any businesses you own.

It is therefore vital that your legal position is protected throughout the divorce and financial proceedings.

Truth Legal can provide you with the expert guidance you need at this critical time, safeguarding your rights and working towards a positive outcome.

Will I have to go to court over my divorce?

It is unlikely you will have to attend court. Court orders are required to legally end a marriage, but these are completed without the need for a hearing.

In relation to the financial consequences of the marriage breakdown, if the parties cannot agree any settlement relating to the division of assets, court proceedings may be issued. The court will consider the following aspects:

  • The income of the parties as well as current and potential earning capacity
  • Property and other financial assets
  • The financial needs of each party
  • The standard of living enjoyed during the marriage
  • Domestic and financial contributions to the marriage
  • The length of the marriage
  • The ages of the parties

At Truth Legal, part of our practical and effective family law assistance involves considering all possible avenues of resolving issues surrounding divorce and separation. We strongly believe in taking a complete view of your personal circumstances, and advising when mediation may be in the best interests of you and your family.

Instructing Truth Legal to assist with your divorce or separation

Truth Legal is based in Harrogate and Leeds and represents clients nationwide. By instructing us, you will be able to call upon:

  • Technical knowledge and skill – ensuring your matter is handled efficiently and correctly.
  • Advice and representation – a specialist family law solicitor acting for you and protecting your legal rights.
  • Support and compassion – someone on your side to help you through a time when emotions can often run high.

Our expert solicitors pride themselves on providing a top-quality, affordable legal service, receiving exceptional reviews from our clients on Trustpilot.

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