As of this year, CSI has not been an issue for those pursuing British citizenship by way of Naturalisation. The Home Office recently updated their guidance on Naturalisation to state that:

“people who did not hold Comprehensive Sickness Insurance… whilst wither a student or self-sufficient person… can now meet the layful residence requirement simply by showing you have been granted settled status under the EU [settlement scheme]. You also no longer need to explain why you did not hold [CSI].”

However, the Home Office still maintains that “it still may be appropriate to continue to apply the requirement in certain circumstances.”

and CSI is still mentioned with regard to the Good Character requirement. In practice, this can mean that the Home Office might use CSI in cases where the British citizenship application was likely to be rejected regardless.

So, if you have a more complex immigration history, we can help you to secure the best possible chances of a successful application.

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