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May 17, 2017,
Andrew Gray,
personal injury solicitors

“Do you remember Julia Roberts’ character in the film Erin Brockovich?” asked founder of Truth Legal Solicitors in Harrogate. “She was a personal injury attorney, fighting the big corporations who had made all her clients really sick. She was fighting the good fight -and she won. That’s what we do – and we love doing it.”

Founded in 2012 by the former big-firm solicitor, Andrew Gray, Truth Legal have experienced meteoric growth. Five years ago they were based in what Andrew described as a “broom cupboard” and “not much of a broom cupboard it was too.” Fast-forward five years and they are now based in offices in the heart of Harrogate’s lawyer and estate agent district, and boast nine lawyers.

Andrew puts the firm’s growth down to the amount of free legal advice that the firm has given away, and the difficult cases that his firm has taken on. “I believe that everyone should access to a brilliant solicitor,” Andrew explains. Andrew says that by being brave and by offering free advice, his firm has built up a great deal of goodwill. “People know that we are on their side; that obtaining justice is what we are all about.”

Passionately, Andrew explained some of the cases that his firm have taken on – employment law, medical negligence, computer hacking, industrial disease and personal injury. “Generally we deal with pretty awful situations – from being sacked, to being injured in an accident. If we aren’t moved by what we hear from our clients, then we shouldn’t be doing what we do.”
Hotel Du Vin in Harrogate was the scene of the firm’s fifth birthday celebrations. “Though it might have appeared showy,” explained Andrew, “We wanted to thank the people and businesses in Harrogate for all their support. The event was packed!”

Andrew explained that he is eager to grow the firm because, he says: “The more lawyers we have, then the more people we can help.” Inspired by the same ethos, radically Truth Legal have uploaded some of their standard documents onto their website so that unrepresented people will have some legal guidance. It will be interesting to see where Truth Legal are in another five years.
Pictured: Andrew Gray (founder) and Henry Jones (solicitor)


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Post by

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

I launched Truth Legal in 2012 to provide the most caring, ethical and brilliant personal injury law representation. Usually personal injury claims are a good thing, modifying negligent behaviour, shifting the financial burden off the state and reducing future injuries. I also represent people who have been poorly treated at work. I’m proud that my team give away countless hours of free legal advice.

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